As a fairly new mom, I rarely find myself indulging in big purchases for various practical reasons.  But recently, I was getting ready for the day (with my munchkin at my feat and/or trying to climb into my lap) and I got a real look at the sad state of my makeup.  I can not remember that last time I bought new makeup beyond mascara, and that was out of sheer necessity because I had let it dry out after having to hurriedly put my makeup away when having 10 minutes to get ready one morning. So when mom, who is also a life-ling Mary Kay lady, asked if I had anything to order, I decided it was time to part with my sad, old makeup case and its contents, and start anew.  Yes, it is an indulgence, but one that gives me such joy that I wanted to share it with you — it is like Christmas morning for girly adult women!