A LivePretty.com Thanksgiving Menu Top 10

LivePretty.com fans asked and we answered. Having a hard time finalizing your menu for this Thanksgiving, or your “Friend Giving” dinner party? Here are our top ten must have Thanksgiving family favorites. Enjoy, share them with your friends and family, and Happy Thanksgiving!

A perfect end to a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. All American Apple Pie. Not a baker? Give it a go. I promise you you can do this and your guests and family will be in awe. It's too easy and way too yummy not to have on you Thanksgiving table.

Need something different for dessert this year? Willing to give cheesecake a try? Again, this is easy, and so good. Pumpkin Cheesecake is a must.

A Great Beverage. This Thanksgiving Cocktail is grown up fall flavors in a glass.

Enough said. Make it yourself and you will be over the moon happy with how it tastes.

Do not buy canned cranberry sauce. Make it. Again, you don't know what your missing in store bought Cranberry Sauce until you try homemade. The difference is amazing.

Gotta have it, so make it delicious.

Oh so good... I can almost taste these slathered in gravy next to the turkey and cranberry sauce.

Gotta add a veggie to the plate for balance, may as well make it amazing. This is devine.

This is simply amazing. Forget the marshmallow version. This is your recipe.

No matter how you choose to make it, and there are so many ways, make it. The is tradition. This is Thanksgiving.

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