Christmas China: A Legacy Gift

Spode Christmas China Decorates Our Table Thanks to a Mom with Foresight

Picture this – me age 13, Beth a college co-ed and Katherine just entering her preteens.  We were on Christmas morning cheerfully tearing through  our gifts and reached the end … there were three square boxes with beautiful bows and shiny wrapping paper waiting for us behind the tree.

Our last gift, our best gift … we thought …

We happily picked up those boxes – they’re were heavy, a good sign. Then we tore into them and saw this: Spode Christmas China. Not exactly what a room of young women are looking for.

This continued.

You see, that first year we each received one place setting of China, and in the years that followed we received another set. Then when the sets were complete, Mom started buying us the coffee and sugar sets, a few decorative plates and more.

So, while a few decades ago this gift was not something we really understood, I thank my mom every single Christmas when I get to pull out my full set of Christmas China to decorate my table.

Each of us has something special to share with our family for the entire holiday season at every meal.

So this year, as you search for that special gift for a newlywed couple, a new family or your children, think about helping them build their own set of special dishes to share with their families and friends for years to come.


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Disclosure: This is not a promotion, we just seriously love Spode.

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