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Simple, Energy Bars For On-the-Go.

I am constantly seeking the best source of energy prior to a workout. Whether it’s a long run, or session at the gym, I believe that food is fuel and can be used to my advantage. I leverage the carbs found in the oats and dried fruits for sustained energy to keep me going. I can also use this for a mid-day pick up, and avoid the short-lived ‘lift’ efforts of a cup of coffee.

With that, I’ve tried many energy bar recipes. Some hits, some misses. I was particularly interested in a recipe from As usual, I find inspirations and make them mine with adjustments based on my needs, tastes. This one has simple ingredients (to allow me to be in control with a majority of organic ingredients) and sets in freezer. Other than warming the almond butter and agave syrup, no cooking required.

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A few simple, powerful ingredients. You’re in control of this energy bar with the ingredients you choose.

2 cups organic rolled oats (toast if preferred – for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees)

1/4 cup dried cherries

1 cup dried dates

1 cup plain almonds

1/2 cup organic almond butter

1/2 cup organic light agave syrup (honey can be used instead)

Pinch of salt

Live Pretty | Sharing Life in the Sunshine | Orlando Food Blog


If preferred, toast oats for about 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Place dates in food processor. Add a pinch of salt. Pulse until forms a ball.

Chop almonds and cherries. Coarse pieces are nice.

In a large mixing bowl, combine dates, oats, nuts and fruit.

In a pan, warm almond butter and agave until combined. Poor mixture in oats bowl.

Using a plastic bag as a glove, mix oats, nuts and fruit with almond butter/agave mixture. Using the bag allows you to thoroughly mix all ‘sticky’ ingredients.

Pour combined ingredients in a parchment paper-lined square 8×8 pan.

Press evenly. I recommend using that same plastic bag glove. Cover and place in freezer for more than an hour to set. Cut even squares and enjoy.

Enjoy one about 1/2 hour prior to workout. If enjoyed in the afternoon for energy, do so while on a quick 10-minute walk break – grab the water. Make it work for you.

Live Pretty | Sharing Life in the Sunshine | Orlando Food Blog

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