Super Bowl Party Decoration

Super Bowl: Your Party Plan

Big Game Fun.

There are so many clever ideas when it comes to crafting the perfect Super Bowl get together. Here we highlight some fun ideas shared by our readers and fellow party planners. They are easy and fun decorating ideas. All of these ideas, in fact, take just one day to pull together including the shopping, cooking and super simple crafting.

Have fun and get creative!

Live Pretty: Super Bowl Astro-Turf Table Cloth

Astro-Turf Table Cloth:

Take a trip to your local home improvement store and head to the outdoor carpeting section and you have an instant super fun table cover. Add white ribbon for your yard line markers, get a few football plates and napkins, and you are all set.

Penalty Flag Napkins:
Super simple. Super fun and interactive.

Get a stack of yellow napkins. Grab a few ping pong balls and small rubber bands. Place the ping pong balls in the center of the napkin, wrap the napkin around and secure with the rubber bands. These are useful and look great on your table. Wipe your fingers then throw the flag when you disagree with a call in the game.

Football Field Centerpiece:

Pick up artificial grass, miniature football men cake toppers and a simple platter and you have an instant football field centerpiece. If you are able to find real wheat grass at your local grocer, that works well too.

Football Snack Cones:

Brown card stock and white puffy paint make instant snack holders. Easy to refill so you don’t miss a single play of the game. Cut the card stock into a square, put double stick tape on one end and wrap around to make a cone, decorate with puffy paint.

Football Utensil Holder:

With either brown card stock, or brown leather, like scrap booking paper (as shown), wrap three recycled jars and decorate with white puffy paint. Double stick tape easily holds the paper together at the seam.

Football Drink Cups:

Available at your local craft store. Add the puffy paint detail as shown, fill with root beer  (or real beer) and enjoy.

Printable Football Food Labels:

These help your guests know what’s on the table. Customize the food items that you know are coming, and leave a few blank and fill in with marker with items that come in the door.

Printables available here. White lollipop sticks, green foam 1/2 circles and a little tape and your all set.

Easy Homemade Pom-Poms:

Using only metallic tissue paper and some ribbon. Fold in half twice, cut the edges and tie with ribbon. Cheer for your favorite team!

Sriracha Football Cheese Ball:

Get the recipe here – but you could take any favorite cheese ball recipe, shape into a football and decorate with mayonnaise.

Sriracha Cheese Ball

Football Cake:

Because you must serve dessert at any football party. This simple trick changes a simple round cake into a fun football party dessert. Simply make a round chocolate cake, a mix cake is just fine. Cut a 2 inch strip out of the center of the round, remove and push the two halfs together. Ice with chocolate icing and add football details with white icing. For fun, make a few cupcakes and ice; dipping in coconut dyed with green food dye. To dye the coconut, simply shake in a zip lock bag or plastic container with a few drops of green food dye. Enjoy.

We hope these ideas help you have a wonderful, fun (and simple) Super Bowl Party!


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