Grilling Season Beyond Labor Day.

photo 3While others may be packing away the grill and prepare their outside areas for ‘the end of the season,’ some of us are preparing for more time outside.

As the heat subsides, a renewed interest in our yards has come over us. As we spend time outside planting butterfly gardens, planting sod, trimming trees and planting herbs, it seems we are ‘getting ready.’ It hit me recently that our long Labor Day weekend is the start of more time outside – when others in the country are preparing to close summer and go inside. The Florida heat is still here, but not as intense.  It’s our season.

Sadly, I was cleaning my grill for the first time this year.  You would think that I had it ready to use before summer started.  While we’ve grilled a lot at my in-laws, I have not yet used my grill this year. Most likely because the in-laws have a pool and immediate access to water is key in the Florida heat.  But, as we enter a cooler season, I will be experimenting with more grilling recipes and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Here’s to life in the sunshine. And, the continuation grilling season.




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