Advent Calendar Ideas

Advent Calendar – Best Ideas from Around the Web

There are so many creative ways to commemorate Advent.  Here are some clever, pretty, and fun DIY Advent calendars from around the web.

I discovered a yarn-wrapped wreath with clothes-pinned envelopes from Dandee Designs.  How sweet.  Each envelope corresponds to a date and contains a card labeled with a family-friendly activity (e.g., take a drive to see the Christmas lights).

Image courtesy of Dandee Designs

Next, the bloggers at  Stampez have  repurposed a muffin tin.   This looks like something you could make with the kids for a fun family project.

Image courtesy of Stampez


I love this next idea.  It is a shoe organizer-turned-calendar from Eighteen25.

Image courtesy of Eighteen25

And for my final DIY, how about some felted fun from blogger Katie M. Rich?  This is so pretty and something I could see using year after year.

Image courtesy of

If you’re feeling less crafty and more spend-y, these adorable semi-DIY calendars are available on etsy:

Ok, I couldn’t resist.  Here’s one last DIY.  I especially love this idea where numbered bags containing tree ornaments hang from the mantle.  Each night, a new ornament is hung on the tree.

Image courtesy of

What a lovely tradition to start with your loved ones!  How does your family count the days until Christmas?





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