Save Time and Money by Freezing Fresh Herbs

Preserve Your Herbs This Holiday Season

It’s easy to go overboard when cooking for the holidays, especially because  there are so many wonderful seasonal ingredients available for purchase right now.  Here’s a great tip if you find yourself with an abundance of fresh herbs after you’re done seasoning your Thanksgiving dishes.

I love fresh herbs.  They are low in calories, inexpensive, and add a burst of flavor to every dish.   However, the bunches of herbs available at the grocery store tend to be extremely large and spoil quickly.   I cook mostly for myself, and although I have yet to foray into the world of herb gardening, I want the convenience of tasty herbs and I want them to last a long time. At last I discovered an easy and inexpensive solution.  All you need are the following supplies:

• Fresh herbs
• Water or chicken stock or olive oil
• Ice cube trays
• A storage container or resealable freezer bag (and a marker to label the contents of the container/bag)

Wash and rinse your herbs.  Chop them up.  Fill ice cube trays with the chopped herbs and cover with water, chicken stock, or olive oil.  Freeze.

When set, pop the cubes into a labeled container or resealable freezer bag (so you don’t confuse cilantro with parsley).   When you need herbs, simply take a cube and toss it into your pot, pan, or dish.

Total cost: Less than two dollars.

Happy Cooking!


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