Leftovers for Breakfast

Leftover Breakfast Smoothies

Doesn’t sound very appealing, right?  I’m a marketer, I should come up with a better name.  However, it probably got your attention.  Leftover Breakfast Smoothies?

As I was packing the children’s lunches the other day, I gathered veges, fruits and cheeses.  As I was doing so, I went through the fridge and pulled the strawberries that were left over from yesterday’s lunch, and carrots.  And, I noticed the 1/2 bag of already-open spinach longing for some attention.  I thought to myself, this is a waste.  Put the leftovers in a blender and make breakfast.

I’ve been enjoying vege/fruit smoothies over the past few months – purchased from a store near my office.  Rather than continue to spend $7/day on this beverage packed with nutrients, I’m exploring ways to make it myself.  While I would love to purchase a Vitamix Blender, I pulled out the very reliable Waring Blender.  And, it works for this novice juicer.  On this first day, I added strawberries, celery, spinach, broccoli and grapes.  Put in in a blender with a tad bit of orange juice and there it was – my $7 breakfast smoothie.

Fruit/Vege Smoothie tips:

  • Use what’s in the fridge. Try it out.  I will tell you that I’ve been asked NOT to use celery in future drinks…
  • Use frozen fruits to chill it if necessary.
  • Add only the amount of liquid necessary for blending. Fruits and veges have a lot of water in them.

If anyone criticizes and tells you your drink has a lot of calories – so what.  In my mind, I just ate a meals worth of fruits and veges.  I will say that you need to use veges.  If you leave them out, you basically just have fruit juice.

To me, it’s not a diet.  Just an opportunity to get a nutrient-packed meal.

Sweeteners include apples and grapes.  Don’t be afraid of ginger. It packs a punch, but good for you.

Enjoy your healthy start. Share your smoothie recipes – I’ll try them.

Gatherer:  Take what’s available.  Those “leftovers” are waiting…

While a Vitamix Blender would be nice, my Waring does quite well.

I know. I know. Green.  But, I’m telling you, it’s good.  Fruits and veges play quite nicely together.

Do it.


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