Game Day Appetizers – Live Pretty Bowl Game Ideas

Big Game Appetizers:  New recipes and appetizer traditions from the Live Pretty Pantry.

Some appetizers never go away.  Well, they disappear, but are never forgotten and tend to be made over and over again.  We’ve revisited some of those notable appetizers below.  Let us know what appetizers keep showing up in your home.


Crab Dip – A great start.

Game Day Goodness – The Super Rice Bowl.  Goes a long way.

Sweet, super-easy snacks – for the sweet – and spicy – appetite.

Spicy Pecans – for the big game and holidays.  A favorite.

Stuffed mushroom caps – surprise and delight with these half time bites.

Baked Brie at it’s best – Another Super Bowl treat that they won’t expect.

Enjoy the food on this game day.  And, the game of course…





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