Work Smart Wednesday: Work Affords You the “Things” You Love.

Work Affords You the Things You Love.

During a difficult point in my career, I wasn’t feeling the drive I once had.  I was mad that I had to work.  I did some soul exploration and asked others (in the same field) what kept them going. Where did they get their energy?  While some responded with a genuine love for what they did (and good for them), one response stood out – and still does 10 years later.  “By working, I am able to afford the things I love.”  I quickly realized it was not necessarily materialistic things.  Rather, quality time with family and friends. Travel. Dining. Days off just to be together. Exploring interests.

For so long, I was living to work.  Not working to Live. It was all I knew. Maybe it was just the point in my career – dedicate 100% day and night.  My life was mostly work, and little play. But I was distracted by the things I was not doing – more time with friends and family, exploring.  Bitter by the fact that work was keeping me from those things.

But her response made me realize that I could find balance – and not let work consume me.  This person was able to work as hard as I did, but then turn it off and move on.  Amazingly, she was able to balance being present in her job while knowing work was just one part of her day.

This is not to say you should be in a profession in which you don’t honor your passions and God-given talents.  It is to say you can have that career, but find balance.  Work is a necessity for most of us. But let’s not let our jobs stop us from doing the things we love (I, too, have to remember this on a daily basis).

All around us are reminders to do exactly that.  I am so aware of people who are finding balance. It stands out to me.  My friend Andrea is one of those people.  I recently wrote about how Andrea honors her passions – and works to live, not live to work. Click here to read her story.

Enjoy the journey.


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