Truly Living Pretty. A Mom Honors Her Passion for Party Planning.

Honoring your passions and truly Living Pretty. 

You may not know it, but all around you are little reminders.  Actions by others that remind you to honor your passions and do what you love.  We all have gifts.  We all need a little reminder to identify and honor those passions and maybe use those gifts a bit more often.

Let me introduce you to Andrea.  Dedicated to her profession and even more dedicated to her passions.  And, her love for her family.  Andrea is my reminder that work affords you the things you love.  I did a Work Smart Wednesday post on this subject because of Andrea.  Andrea reminded me that she’ll work hard because it affords her opportunity to do the things she loves.  While work is very time consuming, she finds the time to honor her passion of party planning.  It was her daughter’s 5th birthday party where I saw the energy she applies to her passion of party planning.  Andrea simply says, “I love planning parties and bringing smiles to those little girls’ faces.  There’s nothing better than seeing the excitement on their faces and knowing I was a part of making it happen.”

I wanted to share a small photo gallery of that day.  The party was well-planned and seemed effortless (but we all know that’s never the case).  I took note of her planning abilities and attention to detail.  I thought about how much work she put into this party.  When I complemented her on her work she replied “It’s not work. It’s what I love.”

Highlights of the day.

An Amazing Cake

Perfect for a Princess

A perfect centerpiece.



Fresh Flowers (the perfect color, of course)

Something special.


Gift table

Butterflies everywhere.

More butterflies...

Mom finds the perfect party ring.

A surprise...

Live butterflies.

Play time.

Craft time.

Craft table.

Perfect for craft time.

One very happy Butterfly Princess.

Happy Birthday to Madison and Congrats to Andrea. Your little one saw another side of her hero that day. It will lead her to do the same. That was probably the most precious gift of all for her 5th birthday (although the live butterflies we’re pretty awesome).

Party by Andrea and Cake by Nadia:

Combining his love of food and communications, Rod is a marketing guru with extensive experience in the healthcare, restaurant and luxury services industry. Rod’s special talent is cooking. He makes magic in the kitchen by relying on fresh foods and unique flavors. He is married to Beth, and together they have two little girls. Rod and Beth have the perfect Live Pretty partnership: he cooks fabulous dishes and she creates the beautiful ambiance that combines to make their events special and unforgettable.


  • January 14, 2012


    My cousin truly has a gift for party planning,she did an amazing job!,


  • January 14, 2012

    Andrea A.

    Very well done Andrea!…I know one thing for sure…I’ll be seeing you for Jordyn’s sweet 16 in a few years!


  • January 14, 2012


    Beautiful party for a beautiful girl! We all know that was a lot of effort and planning which was obviously well worth it!


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