Do Onto Others.

Respecting the Human Race.

Just a quick note to remind us all that we owe respect to the people  in our lives.  It’s way too easy to forget that.  I think of this as we interact in the workplace and know that we should treat our co-workers as fellow human beings (with professional boundaries of course).  By this I mean we need to remember everyone is human.  Everyone has feelings. And everyone (mostly) would agree that they have to work in order to live.  It’s something they have to do.  If you’re having a difficult time with someone, put yourself in their position – think about what they are going through. Step back, look at the picture beyond yourself.  What is your fellow human going through? It could result in a different outcome if a situation is getting out of hand.

With that said, my sister said something very wise.  “Don’t you think it would be great if family treated each other as co-workers.” It caught me off guard.  But what she said made a lot of sense.  We treat our co-workers with professional courtesy.  Salutations and thank yous are exchanged.  You would not raise your voice to a co-worker (in most cases anyway).  There’s just a boundary we don’t cross because we know we have to spend a majority of our days with these people.  So, we think before we fly off the handle.  But what if we extended that same courtesy at home.  Thank yous at home go a long way. Ask how your spouse or children’s day was.  Say thank you more often.

Our spouses. Our children. Our family. Our co-workers. No matter who you interact with, Do onto them as you’d have done onto you. Respect has no boundaries.

Work hard.  Live in peace.

Combining his love of food and communications, Rod is a marketing guru with extensive experience in the healthcare, restaurant and luxury services industry. Rod’s special talent is cooking. He makes magic in the kitchen by relying on fresh foods and unique flavors. He is married to Beth, and together they have two little girls. Rod and Beth have the perfect Live Pretty partnership: he cooks fabulous dishes and she creates the beautiful ambiance that combines to make their events special and unforgettable.

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