A Good Hair Day

Any woman will tell you that a good hairstylist is hard to find.  There’s so much more to it than simply cutting hair.  Being well-coiffed can put the bounce back in your step, as well as your curls.  The relationship between a woman and her stylist is sacrosanct.

Some women will even book appointments months in advance.  They will drive for hours or even fly long distances to see their stylist.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of these women.  I have known Katie for years, and I have yet to be disappointed.  Katie comes to our house in a special van outfitted as her own salon, and her prices are fantastic.  I have flown from Texas to Florida, and even made the 11 hour drive down from Tennessee.  You can’t put a price on looking good, and my dog’s brown tresses are no exception.

Yes, that’s right.  Katie is my dog groomer.  After taking a chance in Nashville and paying nearly $80 for someone to shave my long haired cocker spaniel, I hopped in the car and literally came crying to Katie.   She fixed Riley up and even wrote out idiot-proof instructions for the next groomer.  Our next groomer (in what has become a revolving door of doggie stylists) followed these rules and Riley looked fantastic.  However, no one can really hold a candle to Katie.

As you may have guessed, no expense is spared when it comes to Riley’s health and happiness.   Yes, I’m one of those dog people.  I  actually have pet insurance.  However, being a baby lawyer in a recession (read: with no job and actively looking nationwide) means that I cut my hair every six months (as compared to Riley, who has her hair cut every six weeks … which I am stretching out further until my job prospects improve).   I fully acknowledge that I am way too attached to my dog, and I accept it.  I mean, it could be so much worse:

I could be a crazy cat lady.

However, my “dog first” mantra came to a brief pause this past week when I came to the realization that I hadn’t cut my hair since July.   So I made an appointment at the local Aveda Institute, and  about 120 minutes (and $12 later, plus tip)  later, voile!  I no longer felt compelled to pull my overgrown locks into a ponytail or a messy bun.  I also felt my mood improve about ten-fold.   It’s amazing what a fresh haircut will do for the soul!

Being a recessionista (dog expenses excepted), I have been going to cosmetology schools  for years to get my hair cut.  If you have  about two hours to kill for a basic trim, you can be treated to an inexpensive and professional hair cut by a student who is supervised by an experienced teacher.  Over the years, I’ve gotten my hair cut at schools owned by Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Graham Webb, and others.  I have often gotten better haircuts from these students than many so-called professionals … at a fraction of the price. Granted, you could pay more and be out the door in half the time.  But there’s a Zenlike  feeling that comes over me while I am sitting in that chair and having someone fuss over me, not to mention something slightly altruistic about helping a student hone their craft.

Bottom line: Getting your hair cut at a cosmetology school is a great way to save money and zone out for a bit.  With the price and frequency of my dog’s hair cuts, I can’t afford not to save where I can.

To all the dog lovers out there: What are some of the great lengths you have gone to in the name of puppy love?

Being a loved dog is tiring work.

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